Rebekah Goldstein

Lavendar Heels


Medium: Oil on Canvas

Dimensions: 48x36x1.75

Price: Upon Request

Description: If someone tells me their favorite color is purple, it makes me uncomfortable. I assume we have nothing in common. When someone’s favorite color is purple it somehow comes up pretty quickly in conversation. Much quicker than any other color. My favorite pair of shoes - ever- were lavender. Lavender eel skin heels I bought in a thrift store the summer before my senior year of college. I wore them constantly, like a badge that displayed my distrust of myself and my ability to make tasteful choices. I frequently use purple in my paintings, despite my dislike of it. Part of making a painting is examining my own taste, questioning my own conception of what is and isn’t aesthetically pleasing. I want a painting in which I’m butting up with what makes me uncomfortable. Flirting with the abandonment of my own judgment and flaunting it, just like I did years ago in those heels.