Rebekah Goldstein

Nightcap with Soft Lighting


Medium: oil on canvas

Dimensions: 48x36x1.75

Price: Upon Request

Description: I love painting when it is hot outside and hot in my studio. Not warm- hot. I feel loose, relaxed, present. Completely myself. I gravitate to colors that make me sweat a bit. That make my heart race. I crave warm colors- reds, magentas, pinks and corals. I like the way these colors push up against one another, each vying for attention. Color is intrinsic to the way I make paintings. I’m fascinated by the way it can create form and space. The push and pull of one color against another. The personal and emotional connotations each color holds, so different for each person. Colors ability to suggest a specific era or period of fashion and design. Most of the time I use color in a very intuitive way. It almost feel like getting my paintings dressed, picking out shirts and trousers. What goes well with orange? Magenta of course.