Haoyun Erin Zhao

Instagram: erinzhaoart

Website: https://www.erinzhao.com/

Bio: Haoyun Erin Zhao is a multidisciplinary artist based in San Francisco, California, primarily working in painting, printmaking, and installation. Rooted in her study of Eastern and Western Philosophy, Zhao's artistic inquiry delves into the intangibility of perception, manifested through the physicality of her chosen materials. Paying particular attention to the interaction of light, color, and form, Zhao uses transparency and abstraction to emulate the ethereal and elusive nature of human consciousness. With a fascination for the intricate relationship between image-making and diverse forms of communication, Zhao derives inspiration from multi-cultural influence, linguistics, literature, symbols, nature, everyday environments, verbal, and non-verbal communication. Her work challenges conventional ways of perceiving and interpreting visual information.