Annie Artell

Instagram: idontkissartell

Bio: Annie Artell is an interdisciplinary artist based in Oakland, California. Artell received Graduated from California College of the Arts, where they received their BFA in ceramics. They were selected as one of the thirteen emerging artists featured in Root Division's "Introductions 2023," the 17th annual juried exhibition that showcases talented artists without gallery representation in the San Francisco Bay Area. Since then have shown work at Eleanor Harwood Gallery, Adobe Book Shop, This is a house Gallery, 120710, and Bass & Reiner.

Statement: Annie Artell approaches her practice as a medicinal endeavor. Artell forges fragments from their daily encounters with the world as a microcosmic way to make sense of an often nonsensical existence. Their recent work is inspired by the term “Disjecta Membra”. It is an obscure term used in archaeology that refers to the methodology of reassembling a text or artifact by piecing together its broken shards, attempting to assemble a whole by collecting its scattered fragments. Artells practice is not only a reflection of fragments made whole but also a ceremonial process of mending herself back together.