Francis Baker

Instagram: francis_baker_studio


Statement: Francis Baker is an artist, living and working in Oakland, CA. For 30 years, Baker has been engaging with alternative process photography exploring themes of social justice, inequity, homelessness, mental health, and the human condition, along with consumerism and its continued impact on the environment. Baker’s recent project focuses on society’s plastic consumption as an object lesson of how human behavior is the dominant influence on climate change. Baker continues to exhibit his work nationally being included in exhibits in New York, Chicago, Santa Fe, San Francisco and other cities, as well as, internationally in Paris and Switzerland. Baker received the inaugural fellowship residency award at The Image Flow, in Mill Valley, CA. He has also received a fellowship to the KALA Art Institute, in Berkeley, CA. Baker’s work was included in the De Young Museum and featured in their Fine Arts Magazine. Baker was the recipient of the Klompching Fresh ’23 exhibit award. Baker's work has been published in magazines and journals including Analog Forever, 7x7, Tricycle Magazine, Divergents Magazine, Diffusion X, and, as the cover of The Hand Magazine, a journal dedicated to alternative process photography and printmaking.